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Bach Flower Remedies  consultation

Hace cinco años estudio las flores y estoy tomando las flores. Cada situación es diferente. Es una maravilla en conocer tu mismo. Bajar emociones como el enojo, sentir culpable. Avanzar en la vida y ser presente. He ayudado mucho gente con las flores. Ningún receta de las flores es lo mismo o pre preparado. Cada persona es único y se necesita sus propios flores. 

Private 1 hour - Intuitive Reiki

Many people ask me what is Reiki. The energy comes from Spirit and is very powerful in their own way to heal what needs to be healed in that particular moment in time and space. That means that there is no identical experience or I cannot mention a specific outcome after a session. The only thing that can be mentioned is that everything is in the highest good for everyone. The technique is hands on and very safe with zero pre intentions or expectations. You are going to be in a wonderful space where you are able to learn and to connect to and be with your own intuition.

Includes follow up (phone call or text message)



Includes: 4 Reiki sessions (each session 60 minutes) + 30 ml bottle with Bach Flower Remedies.


This is a unique and life changing opportunity to find out what you want, who you are and to improve your emotional wellbeing.      

Intuitive soul coaching: 3 follow ups (Includes delivery 30 ml bottle)


Find out more
+31 6 1981 5898

One on One
Bikram Yoga Class

This beginners class will take 90 minutes.  Includes 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. With the help of my own practise and dialogue I guide you through the practise. I will also demonstrate postures. The poses are for absolute beginners and advanced practitioners. Group bookings are also possible. 50  US dollar

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