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Love and stillness arising from understanding your own darkness


Bach Flower Remedies consultation

What I love about the remedies is that they provide the information, which is yours and very needed and welcome to help yourself in situations of deep depression, pain, sadness or grief. We all have the power within us to life fully in any kind of situation that is arising in our lives. The remedies help and support to transform your life towards a much higher frequency. The frequency of your own heart. 

Intuitive soul coaching with Bach Remedies (30 ml bottle) Includes delivery and follow up. Duration: up to 1 hour and 30 minutes

Intuitive Reiki 

My work is 100 percent intuitive where I  myself do not interfere in the energy exchange. I have helped hundreds of people all around the world to have a much better life. A deep healing will arise on the cellular level, the bones and muscles. Anything painful or traumatic that hasn't been seen or you did, it will release and is gone forever after the session. Allow yourself to relax and surrender so deeply as you have never experienced before. Most of the people have huge positive transformational experiences after their session. Includes follow up (phone call or text message)


Remote long (distance Intuitive Reiki)

Intuitive reiki can also be done and experiences remotely. The experience is equally the same as a hands on session.

The energy exchange can take place at any time of your preference.


I have received two long-distance healing sessions from Niels. Led me to my inner paradise garden of abundant joy and much-needed energetic lift. I am very grateful and would recommend Niels's therapies for sure!

- Minni Moyle. Talinn, Estonia


When I received Reiki for the first time I have felt something I never experienced before. I let go and feel at peace and happy. Reiki is magic. I can highly recommend Niels

- Anne Merou. Metz, France


His dialogue and timing in class are excellent. The class was almost trance like, it flew by. We have had many teachers come through our studio since we opened in 2003 and his class was very memorable.

- Anne Leonard, Director of Bikram Yoga Dublin.


Niels has got a lot of knowledge about the Bach Flower Remedies. His help and advice during my transformation process was excellent.

- Shannon. Michigan,USA


In a period of stress and tension in my life, I experienced deep relaxation and I got connected to inner sensations and feelings that I had been ignoring and suppressing.

- Lise-Lotte. Århus, Denmark

One on One
Bikram Yoga Class

This beginners class will take 90 minutes.  Includes 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. With the help of my own practise and dialogue I guide you through the practise. I will also demonstrate postures. The poses are for beginners and advanced practitioners. Group bookings are also possible.


Get in Touch +31 6 1981 5898

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